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Rajasthan poultry farmers meet to discuss poultry crises

  • 17 Jul, 2019
  • India

16 July 2019, All Rajasthan poultry farmers society held a meeting in Ajmer club to discuss the current poultry crises. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Raj Kumar Jaipal. He told poultry provides employment to lakhs of people in the state and egg is the purest form of natural nutrition containing essential vitamins, mineral and calcium. He further told that a egg rate committee has been formed which will suggest daily Ajmer egg rate and day-today problems of the farmers.

Other members who were present in the meeting were Md Fakhre Moin, Tara Chand, Parmanad Advani, Vijendra Rawat, Munna Assam, Islam Khan, Imran Khan, Noor Bhai, Firoz Khan, Fakhrrudin, Anwar, Haji Salim and others.

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