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Mounting poultry waste clog drainage in Thiruvananthapuram

  • 29 Apr, 2019
  • India

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Waste congregation has been an ever-growing problem in the city as heaps of garbage are dumped along roadsides which seep into water bodies. The poultry waste discarded in the Kazhakoottam-Kallumoodu bypass area and the sewage drains have released a deadly stink in the surrounding and are likely to trigger diseases with the onset of summer rains.  

According to the residents, this has become a regular scene and tons of waste packets are dumped after midnight. "When the bypass work began vehicles were diverted to this road. I have seen people coming in autos after midnight with packets of waste from slaughterhouses and hotels - they dispose the packets into the drainage and leave. The decaying of the muck releases a stench and it is impossible to walk through the road even at day time," said Rameshan P K, resident, Kallumoodu.

Improper waste disposal is a serious concern during the rains. Drainage systems are clogged with poultry waste in plastic bags thereby restricting the flow of water.  Stagnant water along with muck paves way for diseases to spread causing deadly health hazards. "There is no space for the water to flow freely, the drainage is full of waste and is a house for mosquitoes to breed," said Kumari S, resident and homemaker, Kallumoodu.


Pedestrians complain about the presence of rats from the drains thereby adding to their existing woes. "The diverted road is congested with vehicles. Therefore, we might have to walk on the edge of the walls of the drain. Chances of a rat bite are highly likely," said Mini Pappan, resident.Meanwhile, the City Corporation officials said an organised waste management system will be introduced specifically for this area soon.

"Stagnation of water and the disposal of poultry waste has been taken into consideration and we are planning to initiate a cleaning drive at this area to clear out the drainage block. A special security squad will be administered for patrolling purposes. Setting up CCTV cameras are also on the cards. The public has also requested for a drainage cover to hide the odour," said the mayor.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/thiruvananthapuram/2019/apr/29/mounting-poultry-waste-clog-drainage-in-thiruvananthapuram-1970235.html

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