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Egg Protein Market to Expand at a CAGR of 4.3% over 2018-2026 as Bakery Industry Develops

  • 20 Nov, 2019
  • United States

Albany, New York: Egg proteins are used in various industries such as functional beverages, dietary supplements, sports & infant nutrition, prepared food, bakery & confectionery, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, dairy & desserts, meat analogues, breakfast cereals, and protein and nutrition bars.  The use of egg protein is increasing rapidly in sports nutrition, as such, pushing the growth of the global egg protein market.


Rising Health and Wellness Consciousness Creating a Catalytic Effect


With rising health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure, consumers have become highly conscious about their wellness. From youngsters to older individuals, all age groups are concentrating on exercising regularly and following a proper diet plan. Moreover, multiple gym chains, diet centers, and fitness centers are promoting the consumption of healthy food, dietary supplements, and other health products, which is further influencing consumers to opt for egg protein products.


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Egg Protein Market - Rising Focus on Quality


Consumers prefer excellence in quality and service. Companies are investing in research & development to create unique and innovative egg protein products with great quality. Companies are concentrating on adopting the latest technologies by which they can maintain high quality standards. Consumers choose brands with best quality egg protein products, and have various options to choose from. Competition is increasing rapidly in the egg protein market. Consumers are ready to pay a good amount for high-quality egg protein products.


e-Commerce and Online Stores - Easing Entry Barriers and Distribution Costs


Egg protein is derived from eggs. The easy availability of eggs in conjunction with high demand has resulted in increasing number of small-, medium-, and large-scale manufacturers across the world, which is the reason for the intensive competition in the egg protein market. To sustain their position in the egg protein market, companies are manufacturing high-quality egg proteins with multiple benefits. Manufacturers are focusing on launching new and innovative products using egg protein.


Online retail channels provide numerous benefits to small- and medium-scale producers of egg proteins who might face entry barriers such as high marketing costs. Online retail channels help minimize the distribution cost and aid their products in reaching a large number of consumers, which helps increase their brand awareness and the sale of their products. Multiple online stores also offer organic, natural, and clean label egg protein products that are not easily available in regular offline stores.


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