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Cargill to Develop Farmer- Friendly Apps to Streamline Poultry Operations

  • 03 Dec, 2018
  • India

The US-based Cargill is in the process of developing farmer-friendly applications or apps which will digitise manual inputs of farm figures on a real-time basis. In its first project in India, Cargill is taking up pilot tests in cooperation with two poultry firms for providing an intelligent data management system for poultry farmers.

Managing director of Cargill Premix and Nutrition, India Robert Schubert said the app named ‘Enteligen’ aims to change the way its customers manage their farms. He said, “It’s a new digital platform that will unleash the power of data & insights to assist farmers improve their operations. We are in discussion with the producers for taking up a pilot to understand the needs of the poultry farmers’ like knowing the weight of chicks, feed, disease prevalence, temperature control etc”. The pilot would be completed in the next 5 to 6 months.

Schubert added that “We are looking to technology to open insights that will help our customers grow and manage their farm business more efficiently and sustainably’’. He mentioned that the first stage was to digitalise the manual inputs to create real time data and here factors like harvest conditions, storage and processing can greatly impact the nutrient levels as well as digestibility of feed ingredients.

‘Enteligen’ helps in data collection, management and analysis platform merges this dissimilar information from several software programs into one comprehensive system, enabling customers to make exact decisions on feed and farm management practices. The app can be used by farmers to modernize their operations, make important decisions and manage short-term planning for enduring sustainability of their dairy operation.

The company utilizes best-in-class modeling and business planning tools like the Max system for broilers and TechBro Flex, which are useful tools as only 3 percent of the poultry population qualify as breeding stock. Schubert also said “India can become one of the top 5 feed producers for dairy and poultry by 2025”.

Source: https://krishijagran.com/industry-news/cargill-to-develop-farmer-friendly-apps-to-streamline-poultry-operations/


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