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Brazilian poultry exports to Saudi Arabia resume

  • 30 Jan, 2019
  • Brazil

Saudi Arabian authorities have announced that 25 Brazilian poultry plants may once again resume exporting to the country.

It followed the suspension of a BRF plant known as Lajeado, which had been exporting about 6,500t of chicken products every month, before exports were sharply restricted.

The Brazilian government published the list of 25 meat processors with valid export permits.

Meat trade association ABPA told Reuters that previously 30 plants had been exporting poultrymeat to the country, and 58 had formerly been authorised to do so.

BRF said in a note to investors it had made the necessary adjustments to its production chain, and that it operated 8 of the 25 approved plants – and expected to return shipments to the same level as previously within 3 months.

The company suggested, therefore, that lost revenues as a result of the plant suspension would not be material.

Source: https://www.poultryworld.net/Meat/Articles/2019/1/Brazilian-poultry-exports-to-Saudi-Arabia-resume-386384E/

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